UK guests describe their Amalfi Coast experience in July 2020

Amalfi Coast Guest Experience

Guests from the United Kingdom describe their experience aboard for 7 nights on the Amalfi Coast of Italy in July 2020.


26th July, 2020

“Dear Melissa, Francesco and Marlowe,

We had an unforgettable journey on your beautiful boat.  You have thought about every detail, from the elegant fabrics and timeless decor to lounging and seating for every occasion a sea and ashore.  The food is delicious, perhaps too yummy, as we are all bursting out of our clothes.  We loved exploring the coastline, swimming in the magical inviting waters, catching jellyfish, sailing, tasting new wines and local delicacies. You have given us a truly unique family holiday.  Whether relaxing or active, we have loved our time aboard Ombre Blu3.  From our hearts we thank you.  Until our next excursion!”

Amalfi Coast Guest Experience