Guest book

  • Amalfi Coast Guest Experience

    Guests from the United Kingdom describe their experience aboard for 7 nights on the Amalfi Coast of Italy in July 2020.   26th July, 2020 “Dear Melissa, Francesco and Marlowe, We had an unforgettable journey on your beautiful boat.  You have thought about every detail, from the elegant fabrics and timeless decor to lounging and seating for every occasion a sea and ashore.  The food is delicious, perhaps too yummy, as we are all bursting out of our clothes.  We loved exploring the coastline, swimming in the magical inviting waters, catching jellyfish, sailing, tasting new wines and local delicacies. You have given us a truly unique family holiday.  Whether relaxing or active, we have loved our time aboard Ombre Blu3.  From our hearts we thank you.  Until our next excursion!”  

  • Happy Guests

    Happy guests disembarked today, after a wonderful trip from Naples to the Pontine Islands… I shall translate their words as best I can!   “We thank you for this splendid week during which, with your care and attention to every detail, you have made us feel at home. We have seen the most splendid places and eaten amazing food.   Your beautiful “home” equipped and ready to provide fun always, together with your kindness and hospitality have made our vacation unforgettable “home is where the heart is” and we leave a piece of our heart behind.   With affection, see you soon.   Paolo, Tatiana, Andrea, Silvia, Nicola & Marta

  • Repeat clients from USA
  • 29 September 2018 First impression, Ombre Blu exceeded our expectations. If you are reading this, dear fellow traveller, you now know what I mean. The boat’s length, width, welcoming open spaces and then the introduction to the private places, brought smiles to the four of us. Next, the “Crew”. The boat’s physical welcome was complimented by Francesco, Melissa & Marlowe, but that was just the start. For 7 days they laboured to make us comfortable, well fed, well wined, and well horizontal from one lovely place to another., . Always smiling, always eager to laugh with us, always on call – 16 hour days and every hour devoted to our safety and comfort. Thank you

  • Dear Melissa, Francesco & Marlowe Thank you, thank you, thank you for another wonderful and fun 10 days. It’s been blissful bobbing about in Volcano land again with you. And despite my insistence on revisiting a previous cruising ground, you made it a brand new and wonderfully interesting trip. The new barca is bellissima! The same Ombre Blu perfection, only cubed. And I don’t care what your interior designer says, I love the tiny stars on the ceiling! The beautiful Salina cove, the marriage of the Faraglioni and the incredible lunch in the hills of Lipari were real highlights, but it’s all been truly lovely. And the chef has repeatedly managed to knock our socks off! Honestly, I think I’ll sob with disappointment the next time I eat Italian food in the UK! Thank you for – as always – working so ridiculously hard to make our trip so special and to take care of us. Hope you all have a good, well-deserved rest. Loads of love xxxx

  • 26 August, 2018 Dear Melissa, Francesco and Marlowe Thank you all very much for an amazing time on your beautiful, the most elegant and most accommodating “bird”. No “Ritz” can compare with the comfort you envelop us with; no “Michelin” star can match the quality and variety of your food. We felt like home and hope to come back sooner rather than later 🙂 Smooth sailing! and may you always catch a favorable wind.