Melissa and Francesco are a husband and wife team of experienced sailors and international commercial ship Captains and are the managers of your crewed Yacht Charter in Italy. After 10 years of running their previous catamaran OMBRE BLU (a 50 footer), they decided to accept an offer to manage a new and much larger catamaran, which her owners appropriately named OMBRE BLU ³.

Melissa is Australian. She is your hostess and is also a qualified Massage Therapist, and a massage service is offered on board. Melissa will co-ordinate all of your activities during the trip and ensure everything is perfect. She also shares some of the cooking with Francesco. She loves to prepare breakfasts, bake fresh bread, muffins and cakes. Prior to her career in sailing, she worked in Marketing & Sports Management.

Francesco is from Venice. After practicing Law in Milano for many years, he took to the Ocean. He is your Head Chef on board and will ensure you enjoy the finest of regional dishes, matched with his selection of local wines. Francesco is from a family passionate about cooking, in fact, all of his three siblings are currently running their own Italian restaurants. He is the ultimate creator of new and beautiful dishes and will ensure that your dining experience is number one. He also enjoys explaining the various types of food from the different regions and treating you to tastings, such as olive oils and cheeses. Francesco is a PADI Master Dive Instructor and courses are available on board.

On your crewed Yacht Charter in Italy, Melissa & Francesco are joined by a third crew member, Marlowe Unso. Marlowe is from the Philippines and has over 20 years of experience, working Superyachts around the world. He forms an integral part of the team.